About Daktari Pap Solutions

Every day millions of poor farmers in Africa struggle to access better crop and veterinary care for their livestock and crops. We’re building a brand new way for small-scale farmers to connect to animal and crop care service providers.

How it works for farmers

When your cow, sheep, goat and crops are infected by disease or pests, you won’t want to wait for several days for a veterinarian or Agronomist to come. Just Download DaktariPap Application and register and we will connect you to certified service

Service providers linkage

When we receive a farmer request we immediately process it and send it to the closest service provider via our mobile platform. The vet or Agronomist receives farmer request and has the opportunity to review it and accept it. .

 DaktariPap Solution

Daktaripap aims to leverage on mobile phone technology to increase farmers’ access to reliable livestock and crop healthcare. Through DaktariPap Android application farmers are connected to nearest service provider-either crop or livestock depending on problem presented who ask a few basic questions and quickly recommend action. If onsite visit is needed, a visit is immediately scheduled with the nearest service provider to attend to the farmer within a promised turnaround time. DaktariPap platform is also a key resource center to smallholder farmers where weather and best practices information is shared regularly. Farmers are also linked to crop and livestock insurance service providers through the platform. The innovation leverages on power of mobile technology to ensure that farmers and other actors are better prepared to address and prevent current and future crop/livestock health challenges which contribute to huge losses.

The Challenge

Both Livestock and crop health care are key to success of smallholder farmers.

About 80% of smallholder farmers in Africa depend on livestock and crops as a key source of livelihood yet 30% of livestock die and 40% of crops fail each year because of diseases, pest and bad agricultural practices. This claims about $7billion in agriculture income losses each year, mostly from poor farmers.  There are over 10,000 vet graduates and another over 20,000 qualified agronomists in the Kenya market alone. Majority of these professionals remain unemployed while a few privately offer clinical and extension services to local farmers. Farmers give mixed reactions to experience they go through interacting  with vets and agronomists on the ground ranging from broken promises, untimely response, exorbitant pricing, poor technical capacity and inability to verify the officers qualification therefore no guaranteed service satisfaction.


If rural smallholder farmers could be linked to credible certified and verified vet professionals and agronomists both timely and conveniently through their mobile phones, then the results could be magical.

38 million people in Kenya have mobile phones, and about 88% of the population use mobile phones to do their everyday banking and conduct other business. Mobile phone platform can be used to improve animal and crop health through connecting farmers to key service providers for the first time as well as alerting farmers on key weather and best practices information. Through professionalizing vet and agronomy services and linking millions of needy farmers to right services providers and service providers to ready market at affordable fees and more conveniently, Daktaripap beliefs this intervention will not only disrupt the market but also revolutionize smallholder farmer access to Vet and agronomy services while providing employment and livelihood to thousands of available vet and agronomy professionals.

How DaktariPap Works

A Farmer downloads DaktariPap Android mobile Application. A farmer simply requests for a service and automatically get connected to nearest service provider for consultation or on farm visit. If onsite visit is needed, DaktariPap immediately send a service request to closest service provider via our mobile platform. The service provider receives the service request and attends to the farmer within turnaround time of less than one hour.