About Us

Every day millions of poor farmers in Africa struggle to access better crop and veterinary care for their livestock and crops. We’re building a brand new way for small-scale farmers to connect to animal and crop care service providers.

On-demand access to veterinary doctors, Agronomists and insurance agents on a farmer’s phone. We are connecting farmers to vetted and certified crop and livestock service providers. We’re using latest data analysis and mobile technology to quickly and easily connect farmers with reliable service providers.

How it works for farmers

When your cow, sheep, goat and crops are infected by disease or pests, you won’t want to wait for several days for a veterinarian or Agronomist to come. Just Download DaktariPap Application and register and we will connect you to certified service provider who will attend to you in the Farm within one hour or less. We will also send you SMS alerts to you on weather updates and best farming practice tips. Farmers will also access information on good agriculture practices, crop/livestock pests and diseases through the platform.

How it works for service providers

When we receive a farmer request we immediately process it and send it to the closest service provider via our mobile platform. The vet or Agronomist receives farmer request and has the opportunity to review it and accept it. Once accepted, the service provider visits farmers farm within 1 hours or less.